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For those interested in following the work I do outside of this blog for SpoilerTV and TVAfterDark, I'm going to compile the links to the pieces I've written below. I'll keep this list updated every week or so. Please note that the quality in some of these writings will vary, particular as you go further back in the television timeline.


Person of Interest

3x01 "Liberty"
3x02 "Nothing to Hide"
3x03 "Lady Killer"
3x04 "Reasonable Doubt"
3x05 "Razgovor"
3x06 "Mors Prematura"
3x07 "The Perfect Mark"
3x08 "Endgame"
3x09 "The Crossing"
3x10 "The Devil's Share"
3x11 "Lethe"
3x12 "Aletheia"
3x14 "4C"
3x17 "/"
3x20 "Death Benefit"
Season 3 review
4x01 "Panopticon" advance piece
4x01 "Panopticon"
4x02 "Nautilus"
4x03 "Wingman"
4x04 "Brotherhood" and 4x05 "Prophets"
4x08 "Point of Origin"
4x09 "The Devil You Know"
4x11 "If-Then-Else"
4x12 "Control-Alt-Delete" advance piece
4x12 "Control-Alt-Delete"
4x14 "Guilty"
4x15 "Q&A"
4x17 "Karma"
4x19 "Search and Destroy"
4x20 "Terra Incognita" advance piece
4x20 "Terra Incognita"
4x21 "Asylum" and 4x22 "YHWH"
Season 5 advance piece
5x01 "B.S.O.D."
5x02 "SNAFU"
5x03 "Truth Be Told"
5x04 "6,741"
5x05 "ShotSeeker"
5x06 "A More Perfect Union", 5x07 "QSO" and 5x08 "Reassortment"
5x09 "Sotto Voce" and 5x10 "The Day The World Went Away"
5x12 ".Exe"
5x13 "return 0"

Jim Caviezel 'June 2016 Performer of the Month'

The Americans

4x01 "Glanders"
4x02 "Pastor Tim"
4x03 "Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow"
4x04 "Chloramphenicol"
4x05 "Clark's Place"
4x06 "The Rat"
4x07 "Travel Agents"
4x08 "The Magic of David Copperfield V: The Statue of Liberty Disappears"
4x09 "The Day After"
4x10 "Munchkins"
4x11 "Dinner for Seven"
4x12 "A Roy Rogers in Franconia"
4x13 "Persona Non Grata"


1x01 "The Original"
1x02 "Chestnut"
1x03 "The Stray"
1x04 "Dissonance Theory"
1x05 "Contrapasso"

24: Live Another Day

1x01 "11:00am - 12:00pm" and 1x02 "12:00pm - 1:00pm"
1x04 "2:00pm - 3:00pm"
1x07 "5:00pm - 6:00pm"
1x08 "6:00pm - 7:00pm"
1x09 "7:00pm - 8:00pm"
1x10 "8:00pm - 9:00pm" and 1x11 "9:00pm - 10:00pm"
1x12 "10:00pm - 11:00am"

Homeland (all advance pieces)

4x09 "There's Something Else Going On"
5x01 "Separation Anxiety"
5x02 "The Tradition of Hospitality"
5x03 "Super Powers"
5x10 "New Normal"
5x11 "Our Man in Damascus"


1x01 "Pilot"
1x02 "A Stray Howl"
1x03 "Eight Slim Grins"
1x04 "Bone May Rot" and 1x05 "Split the Law"
1x06 "Cede Your Soul" and 1x07 "Sent on Tour"
1x08 "Persecute Envoys" and 1x09 "Authentic Flirt"
1x10 "Evil Handmade Instrument"
1x11 "Cease Forcing Enemy" teasers
1x11 "Cease Forcing Enemy"
1x12 "Scientists Weary Fortune" and 1x13 "Erase Weary Youth"

Legends of Tomororow

1x01 "Pilot: Part One"
1x02 "Pilot: Part Two"
1x03 "Blood Ties"
1x04 "White Knights"
1x05 "Fail-Safe
1x06 "Star City 2046"
1x07 "Marooned"

Interviews (alphabetical order)
12 Monkeys - Aaron Stanford (post-season 2)
Banshee - Jonathan Tropper (post-series)
Banshee - Hoon Lee (post-series)
Blindspot - Lou Diamond Phillips (early season 1)
Blindspot - Martin Gero (early season 1)
Blindspot - Marianne Jean-Baptiste (early season 1)
Blindspot - Sullivan Stapleton (early season 1)
Empire - Grace Gealey (season 1)
Person of Interest - Michael Emerson and Greg Plageman (post-season 4)
The Americans - Annet Mahendru (4x04)
The Americans - Alison Wright (4x06)
The Americans - Alison Wright (4x07)

Misc (alphabetical order)

11.22.63 1x01 "The Rabbit Hole" review
Better Call Saul 2x02 "Cobbler" review
Better Call Saul 2x03 "Amarillo" review
CSI: Cyber 1x01 "Kidnapping 2.0" advance piece
Chance season 1 advance piece
Empire 1x02 "The Outspoken King" advance piece
Empire 1x03 "The Devil Quotes Scripture" advance piece
Empire 1x05 "Dangerous Bonds" advance piece
Empire 2x01 "The Devils Are Here" advance piece
Empire 2x02 "Without a Country" advance piece
Empire 2x03 "Fires of Heaven" advance piece
Empire 2x04 "Poor Yorick" advance piece
MCM London Comic-Con October 2015
Quarry 1x01 "You Don't Miss Your Water" advance piece
Scorpion 1x01 "Pilot" advance piece
Scorpion 1x01 "Pilot" review
Scorpion 1x02 "Single Point of Failure" advance piece
Scorpion 1x02 "Single Point of Failure" review
Secrets and Lies 1x05 "The Jacket" advance piece
Secrets and Lies 2x01 "The Fall" advance piece
Stalker 1x01 "Pilot" advance piece
Stalker 1x01 "Pilot" review
Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 - Star Wars, Fandom and Cosplay
The Night Of advance piece
The Path series premiere advance piece
The Player 1x01 "Pilot" advance piece
Throwback Thursday - 24 2x15 "10:00pm - 11:00pm"
Throwback Thursday - 24 5x13 "7:00pm - 8:00pm"
Throwback Thursday - Breaking Bad 5x14 "Ozymandias"
Throwback Thursday - Prison Break 1x21 "Go"
Under the Dome 3x01 "Move On" and 3x02 "But I'm Not" review
Unforgettable 3x01 "New Hundred" advance piece

TV After Dark

Designated Survivor

Five spoilers from the trailer
1x01 "Pilot"
1x02 "The First Day"
1x03 "The Confession"
1x04 "The Enemy"
1x05 "The Mission"

Falling Water

Five spoilers from the trailer
1x01 "Don't Tell Bill"
1x02 "Calling the Vasty Deep"
1x03 "Monsters, Most Familiar"

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