Much like the majority of people in the world, I watch and love television and I have access to a keyboard, which means that I can bring my thoughts to you with ease. Those thoughts will probably differ to the ones you have, which will differ to the ones your friend has, and so on. That's the joy of opinions! So this blog will be a place for me to house my opinions on the range of television that I watch.

So who am I? My name's Bradley Adams, and I'm an 18-year-old living in England. I'm a TV fan at heart, having been watching the small screen medium regularly since 2010 after spending the previous five years loving 24, the show that remains my all-time favourite. I've delved in the world of television criticism (reviewing?) since 2013, writing for SpoilerTV. Later, I joined the site's podcast as a guest before becoming a fully fledged co-host towards the end of 2014.

In addition, I write for TV After Dark, I own ArrowFansUK, a UK-based website devoted to Arrow - one that has descended almost exclusively into weekly ranting about how bad the show has become, and as a realist bordering on pessimist, I have my doubts about whether it will ever recover - and, away from TV, I write for Deep Extra Cover, which covers cricket in England*.

*Since this blog will primarily target a US-based audience, I don't expect anyone to care about my cricket writing, but it's some more background on me. for those interested

If you'd like to contact me, visit my Twitter (@Bradley_AdamsTV) or send me an email at bradley@spoilertv.com.

Happy reading!